Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bush Breaks the Law and Limits Health Care Choices

President Bush claims that Kerry's health care plan will take choice out of the hands of patients. Well, not only is that complete lie, Bush is doing exactly what he claims his opponent will do. It does not surprise me that the king of hypocrisy would be cited by the GAO for breaking the law by keeping patients from getting the health care they are entitled to. Bush sided with the pharmaceutical companies, and now he is also siding with the insurance companies against the American people.

WASHINGTON AP Wire Sept 28th, 2004 - "The Bush administration violated the law by allowing private insurers to limit choices of some patients in a small trial program of managed health care under Medicare, congressional investigators said. Preferred provider organizations, which offer members a network of discounted health care providers, have enrolled 105,000 Medicare beneficiaries in 19 states. In some cases, insurers refused to pay claims for home health visits, nursing care, dental work, routine physicals and other services obtained from providers who were not part of the PPO network, the Government Accountability Office said."

The day before the GAO report, Bush lied in his stump speech:

Sept. 27th in West Chester, OH: "In a time of change we need to do something about our health care system. When it comes to health care, I want you to listen to this debate now, coming down the pike. When it comes to health care, we have a philosophical divide. (Laughter.) My opponent wants government to dictate to you. I want you to decide. I want you to be the decision-maker."
Looks like Bush doesn't want you to be the decision maker. He wants the insurance industry to be the decision maker. If you are not rich and you vote for Bush, you are only fooling yourself. He doesn't care about you, only about your vote.

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