Friday, September 17, 2004

Tricky Dick's True Leadership

RENO, Nev. Sept. 16, 2004

Dick Cheney - "The American people also know that true leadership requires the ability to make a decision," Cheney said. "True leadership is sticking with the decision in the face of political press and true leadership is standing for your principles regardless of your audience or your most recent political adviser."Cheney is completely right. He is a perfect example of his definition of "true leadership". Cheney got Halliburton no bid contracts in Iraq. When it was discovered that he had helped get these contracts awarded, he stuck to his guns. When the press reported that Halliburton was fleecing the American people, he stood behind his former company. When Congress called for major overhauls and audits of the contracts, Cheney helped block the investigation and then delay the fines levied against Halliburton. Cheney made a decision to benefit his former company (which still pays him $500,000 per year), and he stuck to that decision when any respectable American (i.e. flip-floppers) would have pulled their support.

Hats off to you Mr. Cheney for your "true leadership." True leadership would be donating that half a million a year to buy body armor to our troops fighting and dieing for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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