Friday, January 28, 2005

Bush Gots No Game

Now that Bush has had to put an end to using your tax money to sell you on his policies, he is now looking for private donations to use to propagandize his policies like privatizing Social Security. Gee, I wonder who will be making those donations? Mr. and Mrs. Jones who live next door or E.F. Hutton? Do you honestly think that whoever is going to be donating to this is not going to be expecting something in return? A good product will sell itself - but this product is a dud, so Bush has got to do media blitz to con us again. This is just another episode in the long line of his selling out our country.

RNC Seeks Donations to Push Bush Agenda


MaxedOutMama said...


I think as much public discussion of all the facts as possible needs to occur, and I think A LOT of people will donate money to make sure that happens. Most of the articles I have read on the subject in the press are just flat wrong. The public is not being informed of either the true nature of the problem or the all the possible ways to attack it.

I don't want any changes to SS until a lot more people have had a chance to look at the situation and ponder it. A few decisions made by a very small number of people during the last set of changes have led to a lot of the problem we face now. This time we need to do better. The problem is very, very real.

Right now we are really ripping off the lower third of the income earners. Whatever solution is implemented has to redress the structural inequity there. I have no confidence at all that a few pundits will be willing to do that, because it will be a political football. If the average person doesn't have a chance to make his or her concerns felt, we won't like living with the result.

The assumption, btw, that the current think tanks and so forth don't have their own particular points of view is false. What is happening is that a very small elite is controlling the discussion. That's very undemocratic.

Dingo said...

Information... good. Lobbyists getting another path to push what is best for themselves... Bad.

The government soliciting donations to push a media campaign is not a good precedent to set under any situation.