Tuesday, January 18, 2005

True That

This is a quote from Joe Biden during the Rice confirmation hearings. It reiterates what I have been saying for the past couple of months. When we try to go it alone, we make ourselves less safe against the scourge that we are fighting against.

"And the result is, despite our great military might, we are, in my view, more alone in the world than we have been in anytime in recent memory and the time for diplomacy, in my view, is long overdue. As a result, we're in, in my view, a less secure position than we should be in the world. That's because virtually all the threats we face, from terrorism to the spread of weapons of mass destruction, to rogue states flouting the rules, to the pandemic diseases that we face now and will face, none of them can be solved solely by American soldiers by themselves. America is much more secure working with and reaching out to others than it is walking alone. And I believe the heart of your mission must be to help rebuild America's power to persuade and to restore our nation to the respect it once enjoyed, quite frankly, for our own safety's sake." — Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., senior Democrat on the committee

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