Wednesday, November 09, 2005

2005 Election Round Up

Overall, it was a resounding victory for Democrats yesterday on many fronts.

In New Jersey, Democrat nominee Jon Corzine easily defeated Republican nominee Doug Forrester by more than the expected margin.

Virginians elected Democrat Timothy Kaine over Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore yesterday as the state's next governor, choosing him to continue the centrist legacy of popular Gov. Mark R. Warner. It turns out that Bush's last minute stop in Virginia actually helped to bring out more Kaine supporters. I wonder if the DNC will start paying for Bush's travel expenses to "go help" more Republicans in 2006.

The social conservative Republicans that tried to push Intelligent Design on the Dover School system were all swept off of the Dover School Board by Democrat challengers. Of all the 16 candidates, Mr. Bonsell, the driving force behind the intelligent design policy, recieved the fewest votes.

The proposition in Maine to repeal anti-discrimination laws against homosexuals was defeated.

All of California Governor Arnold's propositions were routed. Some of the props I actually agreed with (especially the redistricting prop), but I was glad some of the others went down in flames.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, the Democratic Mayor that backed Bush was crushed by fellow Democrat Chris Coleman 69% to 31%

The two defeats to Democrats were expected. In Texas, they passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage (no surprise there). And, Mayor Bloomberg easily won a second term in NYC. I have recently changed residency, so could not vote in NYC, but I probably would have voted for Bloomberg myself. He is a social progressive and would be considered a flaming liberal in states like Mississippi, so I don't really consider that a defeat.

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