Monday, November 21, 2005

Rupublican Congressman Thinks McCarthy was a Swell Guy

Unfortunately, Republicans seems to be embracing Joe McCarthy more and more these days. Ann Coulter, mistress of the dark side, wrote a whole book praising McCarthy and calling anyone who stood up to him Traitors. It is sad to see the conservatives head in the direction of endorsing a man who was little more than a thug and a fascist. This all stems from a Democratic Congresswoman who was seeking a resolution to name a post office after a 94 year old city council woman. King actively blocked it, claiming the the council woman had communist ties. The Democratic Congresswoman then called the black neo-McCarthyism. To this, King responded.

"If she studied her history, she'd recognize Joe McCarthy was a great American hero," King said of Lee, in an interview.

Some people argue that McCarthy was just defending American against the communists. This is true. That was his intention. But in practice, he used intimidation and abused the power of the U.S. Congress to crush the lives of countless Americans. Of the 205 people McCarthy accused of being national security threats, only 2 were actually threats (as shown by the Verona project). That is a whopping 1% success rate. Not only was he right only 1% of the time. He also missed 347 of the people who where spies. An even more dismal success rate.

If a cop arrest 100 people for being drug dealers and only one of them were, he would not be a "great cop".

If a surgeon had only a 1% success rate at removing a gall bladder, he would not be a "great doctor."

If a lawyer only wins 1% of his cases, he would not be a "really great jurist."

Regardless of McCarthy's intentions, if you haul 203 innocent people in front of the congress and accuse them of being communists and destroy their reputations, their livelihood, and their all around lives, you are no "great American hero." You are a great American tyrant. It is too bad that a growning number of Republicans can't see this.

'McCarthy' comment by Steve King stirs debate

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