Monday, November 14, 2005

Pat Robertson - Tsumani Will Wipe Our Dover, PA

I seriously wonder if people watch the 700 club for spiritual guidance, or is it for the same reasons people watched Jerry Springer - in order to reaffirm that we (the viewers) are not the dumbest or least sane people on the planet. Every time Pat opens his mouth, it becomes more apparent that it is the latter (at least I hope so).

Pat had this to say about the people of Dover, PA, who voted out all of the Republican school board members that had been pushing intelligent design into the curriculum.

"I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: if there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected Him from your city," Robertson said on his daily television show broadcast from Virginia, "The 700 Club."

"And don't wonder why He hasn't helped you when problems begin, if they begin. I'm not saying they will, but if they do, just remember, you just voted God out of your city. And if that's the case, don't ask for His help because he might not be there," he said.

It hurts... oh, it hurts so much. Please! Someone put him out of my misery!

Televangelist Robertson warns town of God's wrath

Update: Just a thought - Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas all voted for Bush and/or banned gay marriage and have all had hurricanes... The heathen North East has been free of natural disastrous for years and years... just a coincidence, Pat???

Updated Update: Robertson calls for the assasination of Dover. Pa.


Bob said...

About five or so years ago, he made the same threats to Orlando, which hosts the annual Gay Days event. He made the ridiculous claim that God would send hurricanes to... oh wait a second, that actually happened.

People of Dover, be afraid, be very afraid!!!

tommy said...

I suspect LGF isn't on your list of favorites, but I do like Charles Johnson's take...

Pat Robertson is the very epitome of an idiotarian, and he’s proving it once again

Dingo said...

yeah, I think he said a volcano was going to destroy New York's West Villiage or something.

Dingo said...

Tommy, I went and found the LGF thread. There are a couple of really good quotes

"proof of the greatest weakness in the intelligent design argument are its proponents!"

"Roberston was not intelligently designed."

Burt said...

Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Dover, Pennsylvania"

Dingo said...

good one Burt. He is such a nut.