Monday, November 21, 2005

Revisionist Hosetory?

In a speech today, Cheney gave a speech to the American Enterprise Institute where he starts out by attacking Democrats as doing a little revisionist history. Moments later, he starts talking about terrorist who kill Americans to change U.S. foreign policy. He noted two instances. One, the bombing in Berruit that killed over 200 marines. The other is the 18 soldiers killed in Somalia during a raid on a hotel in Mogadishu (see Black hawk Down if you need the story line).

Yes, apparently now, the 18 soldiers who were killed in a terrorist plot to target American personnel just like in Lebanon. I guess now it was a trap where the warlord Aidid lured us in to his lair. It was all just part of a brilliant plan to force the pullout of American troops.

Talk about revisionist history.

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