Friday, November 11, 2005

Project Valour IT

Update to prior post: for veterans day, please consider donating to Project Valour - IT. I believe today is the last day.


Beth and MacStansbury over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are helping out with Project Valour-IT, a new project within Soldiers Angels that is working to provide laptops and voice software to our soldiers wounded with hand/arm injuries that cannot use their hands to type or write letters.

Beth and I disagree with each other on almost all issues with one very big exception - the support of our troops who have served with honor and dignity. While it is neither un-patriotic to agree or disagree with the war in Iraq, the support of our troops is non-debatable.

So, please pay Beth and/or Project Valour a visit and donate if you can.


Beth said...

Dingo, you're a great guy. I really appreciate this, but not nearly as much as those who will personally benefit from this!


Beth said...

Hey, thanks again, Aaron.
Any time some wingnut gives you shit about the war ("support the troops, not the war" or whatever), you let me know. Not that you need it, but I've got your back. :-)