Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More GOP Crap

In Virginia's gubernatorial election being held today between Jerry Kilgore and Tim Kaine, as usual, the Republicans can't stop themselves from just being plain ol' cheats and liars. A PAC who ironically calls themselves Honest Leadership for Virginia decided to splice and paste the Democratic nominee, Kaine's, voice from several speeches, redo it and send it out over the telephone lines via robo-calls. There were two versions of the phone ad run. This one went to more liberal areas:

[Voice of Tim Kaine] I am running for Governor and I am not afraid to tell you where I stand.

I am conservative on issues of personal responsibility. As a former Christian missionary, faith is central to my life. I oppose gay marriage. I support restrictions on abortion: No public funding and parental consent. And I've worked to pass a state law banning partial birth abortion.

Paid for and authorized by Honest Leadership for Virginia PAC.

Registration number 05-034.

Another one making him sound like a liberal left of Chairman Mao went out to conservative areas. The "Honest" Leadership for Virginia, of course is a supporter of Kaine's opponent, Jerry Kilgore. This is from Honest Leaderships web-page:

Honest Leadership for Virginia supports the election of conservative Republican candidates in the state of Virginia, including 2005 gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore.

Yeah, they are real freakin honest, aren't they. So much for truth in advertising.

If Bush was running again, this is the splice job that I would do on him. Now, mind you this all comes from the same speech, so I am only using his "own" words.

I am running for President and I am not afraid to tell you where I stand.

I plan to build a better world for our enemies. It is a vital commitment to build the coalitions with al Qaeda terrorists. America must reward, not punish, the efforts and dreams of the terrorist Zarqawi.

I will send you a budget that holds the growth for low income earners and provided tax relief to every corporate criminal. Taxpayer dollars must be spent on wealthy retirees.

Our generation has been blessed because HIV/AIDS brings death to African American men and women.

I really hope Kaine whoops Kilgores lying little ass, especially after Bush dropped by to endorse Kilgore yesterday. Bush is not a quick learner and needs every message possible that we just don't like how he is running this country. Kilgore was very reluctant to accept Bush's support, but he was trailing in the polls, so I guess he needed to pull some rabbits.

White House Gambles That Boosting Kilgore Will Pay Off for Bush

...The perception of weakness was exacerbated last month when Kilgore did not attend a Bush speech in Norfolk on the terrorism fight. His campaign and the White House insisted there was no snub, because it was a policy speech, not a political event. But it escaped no one's attention that this was the same day that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, then Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice...


Bob said...

I spliced this from your comments above:

"I really like Chairman Mao."

All kidding aside, I think PACs, from both sides of the aisle, should be illegal. None of them are honest. I'd also like to see fundraising caps set on all campaigns (local, state and federal.) If a candidate cannot stay within a budget for a campaign, they'll likely perform just as poorly in office. But you and I both know that real campaign finance reform will never happen.

Dingo said...

thanks for the correction, Bob (LOL). I can always count on you :) I'll go back and edit that.

yeah, PACs have turned out to be a real detriment to elections. Which is really too bad. I think if they were conducted honestly, as a way to speak about issues that a group of concerned Americans cared about, it would be a real plus to the democratic process. Get the money out of the politicians back pockets and into real "voice." Unfortunately, they are abused and just used for smear instead of education. I am not sure how we can shut down PACs without stepping on the first amendment.

I do, whole heartedly endorse limits on nominees though. Let issues win them the campaign, not their war chests.

QuiQ said...

To be honest, I've never really taken an interest in other states' gubernatorial races, but I am paying close attention to Virginia's. I am also hoping for a Kaine victory.

The Humanity Critic said...

rat bastards, the whole lot of them!! Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh, but great post.