Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An Ann Fan

She's my hero Posted by Hello

Ann Coulter does it again... how she has kept her grip on conservative Americans continues to baffle me. How you wingnuts can defend this bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, anti-American is beyond me.

I knew of her for a while, but my first real exposure to her was right after 9/11 when she said that we needed to go to the middle east, "invade their countries, kill their leaders and make them all Christians." I kept waiting for her to bust out laughing and say, "na, na... I'm just kidding. Not even I am that hypocritical." But, she didn't.

Another good one was when she weighed in on the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show performance featuring singers Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

"And last year's Super Bowl show, ooh, simulated interracial sex."

While the rest of America was fixated on Janet's boob, Ann was fixated on the fact that there was a white man and a black woman.

But, my all time favorite quote from Ann was when she talked about America's worst domestically grown terrorist. Coulter said in a 2002 interview that,

"[m]y only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building,"

Wow! That's what I call a patriot. Someone who condones terrorism... as long as it is against those nasty liberal New Yorkers. Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Hey, terrorists, it ok if you blow something up in America... just choose your target better.

Now she is getting into the racial slurs again while defending Jeff Gannon.

Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president.

Take a look at Helen Thomas. This woman started covering the white house while GW was still doing lines of coke in a Yale bathroom. Just because of her ethnic heritage is middle eastern does not make her a terrorists and I highly doubt she poses any threat to the president. Yeah, she could probably take Dubya in a one-on-one match up, but I am sure there is enough Secret Service around him to keep that from happening.

Ossama's sleeper agent Posted by Hello

I am not one for censorship, but if you are a right-winger, take Ann Coulter off your link list. The first thing I look at on a conservative blog is their link list. If Ann is on there, I know the blogger is probably as nutty as Ann.

UPDATE: For all of you wingnuts out there that insist on worshiping at the alter of the Dark Mistress, here is something for you to play with. Yes, that is right (but yet so wrong), your very own Ann Coulter play doll. This is where I found yet another classic quote.

Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except islam post 9/11. Even islamic terrorists don't hate America as much as liberals do. They don't have the energy. If they had that much energy, they would have indoor plumbing by now.

She is just a gem, ain't she?
Have fun.


mulligan said...

Like you, I immediately pass on a blog when I see it has linked to Ann.

American On Line said...

They do not defend her Dingo as she is one them and speaks for them; one does not defend her if one believes in her!! Rather, you revel in her glory!

Dingo said...

"All hail Ann! Mistress of the Dark!"

I have no doubt that she would have been way up there in the US's Nazi propganda machine if she was born pre-WWII. The Nazi's actually had a stronger movement in the US than the communists did at one point prior to the war. Americans like to forget about that.

MaxedOutMama said...

Dingo I have rarely laughed so hard. This photo expresses my personal feelings about her. I haven't read her much, just because every time I've tried I've found her way over the top or extremely offensive. The few columns I've read have been full of spitting, spewing, hissing and scratching. I'm sure she must have a point some of the time, but I wouldn't trust her if she offered me a million bucks.

This is not fair, because of course I can't know, but I have always suspected half her popularity was being a hot blonde appealing to a political segment that's largely male.