Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Conservatives often complain about the left calling Bush stupid or dumb. But, with his picks for the world bank, Paul Wolfowitz, and UN envoy, John Bolton, can you call him anything but stupid or dumb? Hey, lets take two people who are disdainful of international institutions and make them the US's representatives... Freek'n brilliant.

I am sorry, but there is no defense of these choices. Bush is stupid.

Wolfowitz Tapped to Lead World Bank


Boomr said...

I'm with Dingo on this. President Bush's entire term of office has consisted of systematically destroying a half century's worth of U.S. foreign relations, to the point where our only real ally is now the United Kingdom. Our nation has zero credibility on the international stage, for many reasons (environmental issues, the International Criminal Court, unilateral military action, attempts at economic monopolistic policies). These two appointees just prove that this administration has no respect for, and in fact, great disdain for, the international community as a whole.

Why would you possibly appoint as a U.N. ambassador someone who publicly proclaimed that the U.N. is essentially worthless? The purpose of the U.N. is to promote international peace and security, so our ambassador reflects the administration's policy that international peace and security is not worth pursuing.

Why would you appoint as the IMF chairman someone who admittedly has absolutely no economic experience, and who has shown absolutely no degree of interest in helping underdeveloped nations? The IMF's sole job is to provide monetary assistance for underdeveloped and developing nations, whose crushing debt leaves them unable to provide basic services to their people or to pursue technological and democratic progress, so our appointee to this body reflects the administration's policy that such nations are not worth helping.

What incredible hubris. How can anyone support such nominations?

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

See this: