Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tom, You Are a Slime Ball!

No one disagrees that Terri's death is a tragedy and everyone feels serious heart felt sympathy for Terri's parents who had to sit and watch their daughter die. Whether you think that the tube should have been re-inserted, or she should have the right to die, no one wanted this or ever wants this situation again... except one man named Tom DeLay, who has shamelessly turned this into a political tool to push his wingnut agenda.

"The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior..."

So, Tom, what are you going to do now? Impeach these Republican judges for doing exactly what they were supposed to do. Are you going to prosecute them as murders for following the law and not being "activists" as you have always complained about. And, good message to send out to your crazy ass, wingnut followers. Lets see how long it is now before one of those nuts pulls a lone wolf stunt and kills a judge, thinking it is commendable.

"will look at an arrogant and out of control judiciary that thumbs its nose at Congress and the President."

No, Tom, it is you who is out of control. You are the arrogant ass that thinks the world revolves around you. It was not the judiciary that thumbed its nose at you, it was you who thumbed your nose at the judiciary and the American people. And this is coming from a man who pulled the plug on his own father after only 27 days, then used the same "out of control" judicial system to file a wrongful death suit to collect money. The courts are not there to sereve as your personal enforcers.. It is there to uphold the laws which the legislative body enacts. Judges of both political parties, from the state all the way to the Supreme Court, did exactly that.

No person is without fault (me any less), but you have taken this poor woman's death as a way to gloss over and divert attention from your own unethical behavior. Go back to crawling under houses with the cockroaches where you belong.

Update: For a rundown on all of DeLay's ethics scandals, click here


Anonymous said...

I think DeLay is acting out of conviction on this one and it's obvious you disagree. No problem. BTW, I think you meant "slime" ball. Regards.

Chris P/M

Dingo said...

I agree with you that he is acting out of conviction. I think he truly believes in it. But, that is the problem. He has no problem cutting Medicaid, food stamps, public housing, drug treatment, etc, etc, etc. If this were a poor minority being kept alive on taxpayer money, he would have been leading the drive to give hospitals the right to pull the tube themselves (as Bush signed in Texas). The so called "culture of life" has become a farce when it comes to the more extreme of the Republicans. You cannot ignore the thousands of other Americans dieing from guns, poverty, pollution, malnourishment, and lack of health care, etc. while picking out this one woman to fight for and then call yourself a Christian crusader. It just does not work.

I was on the side of letting Terri's parents take over care of her. Whether that was best for Terri, I don't know, but that is how I felt. And, I also shied away from blogging on the issue because I felt it was wrong to politicize the issue. DeLay didn't seem to mind one single bit.

And also the hypocrisy of deriding "activist courts" for years and then saying the judges will have to answer to him because they were not activist is beyond me. They acted exactly as conservatives have been wanting - following the letter of the law. which goes to show that "activist judges" is just code for judges who don't rule in their favor.

I wrote a piece on my frustration

thanks for the "slim" note... I was in such a tizzy after seeing his press conference. It is quite obvious that he gets my blood boiling.

Erik said...

Putting the parents before the spouse is maybe a rational position. But at the same time it waters down the strength of a marriage contract. I think people ought to be able to chose who they trust. One can chose a spouse, but not one's parents.