Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Not So Fast There, Hot Shot

Conservatives will never cease to amaze me in what they allow the Bush administration to take credit for. First, Bush bitterly opposed the 9/11 commission and then took credit for its findings. Then Bush bitterly fought against the Department of Homeland Security then took credit for creating it. Now, the administration and conservatives alike are trying to take credit for the pull out of the Syrian army from Lebanon and the elections in the West Bank.

First, the movement by Lebanon for self rule started way before Bush ever flip flopped on the idea of nation building. While Bush was still shredding documents, Lebanese business leaders were already calling for self determination. Syrian rule has seriously hampered Lebanon's economic growth. The war in Iraq did not trigger this sudden outcry... It was the assassination of their former Prime Minister. Unless Bush was the one behind that, he cannot take credit.

Second, is the elections in "Palestine." This again, had nothing to do with Bush. It was because Arafat finally bought the farm. If Arafat was still alive, there would have been no elections. Once again, unless Bush was behind Arafat's death, no credit is due.

So, Neo-Cons, please stop patting yourself on the back for something you had nothing to do with.

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