Thursday, March 10, 2005

Good News - Bad News

Luckily for the millions of American children, the Clear Skies Initiative will never make it out of committee. It has died a peaceful death. Hopefully, Bush will not try to resurrect it like he has tried to resurrect his judicial nominees.

In the first defeat of his second term, Bush's pollution bill dies in Senate

Unluckily for the millions of American children (at least the middle class and poor ones) the Republicans are still in control of the government. they plan on giving more tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations while they cut every social program in sight. This includes billions of dollars in spending cuts for veterans, agriculture, education and health care programs, while making room for as much as $106 billion in tax reductions over the next five years.

GOP Lawmakers Present Tax-Cutting Budgets

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Rob D said...

Go over to my blog when you have a chance, I think ou'll see we agree on a number of important issues. And while you're there, let me know if the reason the right-wing zealots are called "wingnuts" is because they're nuts and way out on the wing, or if it's because like a wingnut, they have no heart and only function when spin is applied to them?