Wednesday, September 14, 2005

GOP Plans Katrina Absolution Comittee

In keeping things consistent with their usual patterns, the Republican controlled Congress has decided they are the best ones to judge the failings of the Republican controlled White House.

Instead of creating an independent non-partisan committee to investigate the failings of the local, state, and federal governments in the recent Katrina catastrophe, Tom DeLay and his cohorts, feel that it is better to hold Republican controlled hearings on the matter. That means, the Republicans will decide who will be questioned, what will be reviewed, and will write the final report on the matter. Today, Tom DeLay scoffed at the idea that an independant comittee would be more objective at getting to the bottom of the matter.

This committee will be formed despite 83% of the American people don't trust them to do an adequate job and would prefer to see and independent non-partisan committee investigate.

Once more, the foxes are going to be guarding the hen house. We don't have any of the facts yet, and I can already tell you what the report will say: 1) Repubican President and FEMA director = good; 2) Democrats = baby eaters; 3) It was Clinton's fault (both of them) 4) We should cut taxes on the rich; 5) If we don't ban homosexual marriage, this will happen again... in Iowa.

DeLay ignores Democrats' panel demands

Panel vote will test loyalty

Update: Republican Senators just killed a proposal for an independant panel to investigate home land security preparedness proposed by Hillary Clinton.

Senate Kills Bid for Katrina Commission

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