Friday, September 02, 2005

Operation: Rescue Boomr - Day Three

No news... No word from either Boomr or MOM. I feel completely helpless and useless. I dreampt aout New Orleans all last night. I was on the street car on St. Charles, going to work in the Central Business District. There were no flood waters, but there were people all around the outside of the street car begging for water, begging for food, begging to be let on, but I couldn't get the conductor to stop the street car and let them on.

Yesterday, David Sutterland stopped by and left a comment:

Dingo, Hello. We don't know each other, nor am I personally aware of boomr except through my wife, Cyli. My wife has a blog and often spoke of boomr when she'd read other's blogs. My wife is currently in NO with a FEMA team, she has been there since before the hurricane hit. Contact with her has been sporadic, but she did manage to get to email a post before her blackberry died and she went into NO communication bubble. In it she spoke of her concern for boomr and asked anyone to leave a message if they knew if he was safe! I wanted to thank you for these updates Dingo. As soon as I hear from my wife, I will let her know boomr and his family are safe!! Good Luck to MoM and everyone else working to aid these victims.

David has taken over his wife's blog while she is down in N.O. helping the victims. Please stop by and leave a comment for her. And please continue to keep everyone in your prayers and thoughts.

Note: To all of you numbskulls out there that keep blaming this on the people who didn't evacuate, here are the facts. 28% of the population of New Orleans is living below the poverty line. That is about 350,000 people with no money, no car, nowhere and no way to run. If you have no car, how do you evacuate? If you have no money, how do you buy one of the limited bus tickets out of town? If you have no money, how do you pay for a hotel room even if you can get out of town? Most of these people have their entire extended family in one part of town. They had nowhere to go. Please stop blaming the victims.


MaxedOutMama said...

Dingo - well said. They would have needed a flotilla of buses to get these people out of town and they didn't have them. Nor did they have the road capacity to do it.

People have no imaginations or something.

David Sutterland said...

Dingo, I have to agree with Maxed out Mama, well said. I just recieved an email sent by someone on behalf of my wife. It's posted on her blog. In it she tells a story, one of a little girl she aided.

I'll admit, at first I was angry at those who ignored warnings to leave the area. I was wrong. Your words, Cyl's's made me see that.

Maxed out Mama, hang in there. I'm proud of you and other's like you who are helping in any way they can!

Dingo when I do speak with Cyl, I'll pass along your words to her!! Thanks!