Wednesday, September 07, 2005

To the Bush Apologists

Once again, you are trying to shift all blame from the president. Saying its all Blanco's fault... it's all Nagins fault...

Are they to blame also? Yes.

But Blanco is not the president.

Nagin is not the president.

FEMA emergency response is supposed to be there in 48 hours. It took 6 days. So, even if you want to blame Michel Brown who also deserves much of the blame, fine.

But, George Bush is the president and he failed to step up as a leader. Whether or not every other cog of the machine broke, Bush still failed as a leader. He is our elected leader of this country. Why do you demand so little from him as such?

I thought about the Cuban missile crisis last night. Every president since Kennedy I would have trusted to handle the crisis right. Yes, even Regan and Bush Sr. But God help us if our current president was the president then.

And on that note, anyone wnat to take odds on how ling it is before Bush gives Michael Brown a meddle?

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