Thursday, September 08, 2005

GOP Priorities

On Tuesday, Tom DeLay was asked if he would support a temporary roll back of the federal gasoline tax to help Americans cope with the sharp rise in gas prices. His response?

"Absolutely not," he told reporters after a meeting with President George W. Bush on issues related to Hurricane Katrina.

"Now more than ever you're going to need ... that infrastructure, those highway trust funds, to rebuild the bridges that were destroyed, rebuild the railroads that were destroyed. You have to have the infrastructure or you can't have a recovery," DeLay said.

But still at the top of his priority lists is repealing the estate tax. So, we see the GOP priorities. Help to rich dead people. No help to living middle class and poor people. In a time of fiscal crisis, it is nice to know that the GOP is willing to step in and protect the rich.

Even the day after the hurricane hit, Ken Melman was sending out e-mails to Republican lists to call their legislatures to push for the estate tax repeal.

Tom DeLay: No support to roll back gas tax


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

How about a rollback of state taxes?

Money from fed taxes is needed to augement the fed budget- including hurricane relief.

Wow. I can'tbelieve you want to see a tax cut!

Carson said...

The GOP governor here rolled back state gas taxes.

AFA statements and emails the day after the hurricane hit, wasn't that the day Nagin said NO dodged a bullet?

Dingo said...

a temp roll back of the gas tax could be in order, but a repeal of the estate tax is absurd at this point.

State taxes? Dude, Loisiana and Mississippi just lost half of their tax base. Guess what. If you don't have a job and don't hove a home anymore, you are not paying any state taxes.