Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oporation: Rescue Boomr - The End

I spoke to Boomr on the phone on Sunday. He and his family are safe and have relocated to a hotel in Monroe, LA. They are just happy to have showers and clean linnen. He wants to thank everyone who was thinking and asking about him and his family. They have had multiple offers for lodging while they figure out what there next step is. They don't know if they will return to MS and LA, or, like millions of others, seek to start life over somewhere new.

My sister came to Gulfport, MS this morning to collect my
parents and me, and after driving around a bit, we have
landed in the Holiday Inn (Holidome) in Monroe, Louisiana.
We're all safe and doing well, now that we have beds, AC,
and electricity. I apologize that I have not yet had the
chance to read all of the emails you all have sent, and
that I have not had enough power in my cell phone to
hear/read all of the messages from those who called or text-
messaged. I'll try to find a charger tomorrow.

We are probably going to be here for at least a few days
while we figure out what to do next. We have received a
number of offers of places to live (and other amenities)
from people all over, so again, thank you for that. I'll
be sure to keep you all up to date once we know what we're
doing for the next few weeks.

Thanks for your concern, and we'll try to keep in touch
with you all in the coming days.


David Sutterland said...

This is fantastic news Dingo. Thank you for keeping all of us updated like this!

Carl said...

Thanks Dingo for the update; best wishes to boomr in the time ahead.