Friday, September 02, 2005

Update - Operation: Rescue Boomr - Day Three

I finally heard from MOM. She was able to get into Gulfport, but she was unable to find Boomr and his family. They are no longer at the area that they were last known to be at and most likely have relocated to shelter somewhere in town. She was utterly exhausted when I spoke to her. I can't begin to thank her for her efforts. Even the fact that she would try to find someone that she had never met in person goes far beyond my ability to articulate.

She said it is worse there than you can even imagine. There are no street signs, there are piles of rubble everywhere, and people are just walking around in a complete daze, some in nothing more than there underwear. Mothers are carrying their dying babies in their arms, searching for food, water, and shelter. Food and water are starting to get in, but no one is getting out. No one seems to be in charge, and no one seems to know where anything is. She kept hearing reports of shelters and food distribution points, but no one seems to really know where they are exactly.

The biggest logistical problem is that there is no gas anywhere. She had to drive east of Pensacola in order to find gas. She said that unless you can truck in your own gas, there is no way to mount an effective rescue effort.

Please stop by her page and leave some words of encouragement for her. She sounded completely shell shocked from what she had seen.

Update: Some cousins in Texas were able to get updated info on their location. They are on there way to try to find them. They have food and water and are healthy.

Update: MOM is back behind the computer. Go check out her account of the trip.

And here is Cyli's own words from inside New Orleans as a memeber of the relief effort. It is a very good post.


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

She is one class act. To say anything else would be inadequate.

Anonymous said...

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Ilana said...

What an unbelievable woman.

David Sutterland said...

Dingo, please send MoM my admiration and prayers when you talk to her next. She is a true hero.

MaxedOutMama said...

Dingo, that is such a relief.

David Sutterland said...

Dingo- Thank God boomr and his family are safe! Thanks for the updates Dingo!

Carson said...

Dingo, can you clarify for me--the 20000 are in the SuperDome & there are an additional 10K in the convention center? I've seen reports that confuse the two, and I'm easily confused.

Also. . .please direct any refugee in the atlanta area to email me. Neighbors are setting up small relief stations to help people. Not in the thousands, but smaller groups, in the tens. I think we need to give the refugees back their names & identies.


Dingo said...

there are about 15,000 at the convention center and 25-30,000 at the dome from the reports. Trucks are finally starting to move in with relief.