Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pop Quiz

Pop quiz, hot shot - Which of these three men are not like the other ones?

Jack Ass # 1: Adam Yahiye Gadahn
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Jack Ass #2: Fred Phelps Posted by Picasa

Jack Ass #3: Matt Hale Posted by Picasa

Of course, that was a trick question. They are all the same.

The first, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, is an American born convert to Islam who claims to be a member of Al Queda and wishes to kill Americans. Gadahn hates Americans. I mean really hates Americans. Gadahn feels that Allah wants all the infidels dead and is willing to do just that - kill you. He justifies the attacks of 9/11 as Gods will.

The second, Fred Phelps, is an American born (pretend) Christian minister who wishes to kill Americans. He hates fags. I mean really hates fags. He thinks they should all be killed, and even petitioned to erect a monument to the men who beat to death Matthew Shepard while tied to a fence post because Matthew was gay. He applauded Eric Rudolph for setting a bomb in a gay night club. Phelps justifies the death of homosexuals as Gods will.

The third, Matt Hale, is the American born leader of the Church of the Creator. Hale hates niggers & Jews. I mean really hates niggers & Jews. He thinks they all should be killed or shipped back to Africa. He is currently serving 40 years for ordering a hit on a judge, and several of his followers have gone on shooting sprees, killing innocent Americans. Hale justified the death of James Byrd, who was dragged behind a pickup truck by his neck, as Gods will.

All of these men are terrorists. All of these men whant to kill American citizens. All of these men want to impose their beliefs on you and if you don't agree with them, they would just as soon kill you.

So, what is the point of this post? Why does anyone defend these people?

Ok, to the leftists - That means the apologists of people like Adam Yahiye Gadahn. those of you who defend his hate speech merely because he is not Christian - The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. You may dislike Christians, and he may dislike Christians, but that does not mean he does not dislike you. He would kill you as quickly as he would kill anyone else in the country. He is no different than a Christian extremists. He just calls God by a different name. He is not your friend. He is not your buddy. Stop defending him and those like him.

Ok, to the wingnuts - that means the apologist of people like Fred Phelps, Matt Hale, Eric Rudolph, etc. Those of you who defend their hate speech merely because they call themselves Christian or because you are not terrible keen on the idea of gay marriage or your daughter marrying a minority - The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. They don't care if you are walking by a gay night club and are killed in the blast when they bomb it. They don't care if your children are caught in the cross fire of one of their members on a shooting spree. They are just as evil as Gadahn.

All of these men are a threat to our lives, a threat to democracy and a threat to America. Leftists, there is no defense to your defense. Wingnuts, there is no defense to your defense. We are all in this boat together, so we must view all of these terrorists the same because it does not matter if they are targeting Christians, homosexuals or minorities, they are all targeting Americans, and all Americans deserve to live without this fear regardless of if you agree with their lifestyle, religious beliefs or their skin color.


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Yup- we agree. Terror is terror, no matter where it comes from.

There isn't alot that seperates them from the OBL's of this world, the Che's and the Castros- or the Chinese, for that matter.

Beth said...

Ay, now I remember who Matt Hale is.

You're right, there is no difference in how evil they are (same for Eric Rudolph--or especially his kind).

I guess the only thing we really differ on in this regard is the fact that there SEEM to be a whole lot more people on the left making excuses for the Islamic terrorists, saying things that in effect blame us for their actions. I don't see as many wingnuts doing the same for those hatemongers like Phelps and Hale. Maybe it's just because we come from different perspectives and hear different voices, but you have to admit, you don't hear people calling Phelps/Hale "freedom fighters" and the like in the mainstream media and society, like you hear people calling jihadis "freedom fighters."

I think that's basically the essence of why I'm so focused on jihadis, and not so much the homegrown lunatics. Pushing back against the mainstreamed memes of the left, if you will.

I know YOU don't believe that "freedom fighter" (etc.) crap, but there are an awful lot of people who do.

Beth said...

On another note, can't you just picture Phelps and Hale in Deliverance saying "squeal like a pig!" (Or as Marcus Wallace's rapists in Pulp Fiction?)

Those animals really give me the creeps.

Beth said...

F'n spammers! Cleanup on aisle 3!

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Great post, and great points! Keep on bloggin' on, sir...

Dingo said...

I'll just dispute you one one thing Beth - Do a Yahoo search on Matt Hale. See how many of the links are calling him a "political prisoner." There are more that just one or two people out there who think he is a "freedom fighter." Because of our backgrounds we probably listen more intently to one or the other.

To the credit of the American people, we have come a hell of a long way on racial issues in just 50 years. The majority of whites who believed in segregation then, not longer hold those beliefs. But there are still plenty of nut cases out there who would subvert America for their own ideals. It doesn't matter if an American is killed by a racist or an islamo-fascists. Dead Americans are dead Americans. Terror is terror, and fear is fear.

And no. I don't think any one of them are freedom fighters by any stretch of the imagination.

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