Friday, September 09, 2005

Not in My Neighborhood!

While many of the good citizens of Ocala county are doing their best to find housing for victims of the Hurricane, one homeowners association doesn't like the idea of haveing outsiders inside the gates. Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association has told its residents that they cannot take in victims. The area, where homes are priced starting at $400,000 appearanlty doesn't want the rif-raf in their all white neck of the woods.

Stay Out: Florida Subdivision Bans Hurricane Evacuees

OCALA, Fla. -- Subdivision rules are keeping some Ocala residents from temporarily housing Hurricane Katrina evacuees, and angry homeowners said it might make them move.

The board of Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association told homeowners their deed restrictions prohibit housing people who fled the Gulf Coast. According to the Ocala Star-Banner, a flier, distributed by the Majestic Oaks homeowners association Saturday, said that rather than allowing "additional families" in the community, residents were encouraged to contribute to hurricane relief funds.

The board sent the notice after learning that a minister in the 500-home subdivision had traveled to New Orleans and planned to take in three families of evacuees.

Resident Georgia Ann Bolla said she's ashamed to live in Majestic Oaks and she's ready to move. She told the paper that she went "ballistic" when she got the notice.

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Ilana said...

Crap. Now I need to buy a new computer because I just vomited all over mine.

Carson said...

That is the most depressing thing I've heard all week. My city (very small, about 2 square miles) voted to waive the restrictions on # of families in houses & pets if the additional families/pets were hurricane survivors. It never occured to me people would do it differently.

Mark said...

NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard. It's the same the world over - One has to maintain standards doesn't one!

Cylithria™ said...

OMG - This is infuriating. That is all I am going to say on that subject. *shudder*

Dingo, hello. I wanted to come over and tell you THANK YOU. My name is Cyli and my husband took care of stuff for me while I was in the NOLA area. One thing I said before I left was I knew of a blogger named boomr who lived in NO. When I spoke to David via phone and found out boomr and family were safe, I was grateful. David was able to find that information out via you... Thanks Dingo. Maybe you don't think you made much of a difference in the disaster, but some sort of peace of mind being brought to a rescuer makes all the difference in the world!!! You helped! Thank YOU!

Cylithria™ said...

PS if you talk to boomr and his family, tell him I'm thinking of him....

Dingo said...


Glad to hear you are back. I enjoyed reading your posts that David posted for you (especially about the girl and the boat). I forwarded your original story about Boomr to him. His internetaccess has been spotty, but I am sure we will here plenty from him soon.

Thanks again for your efforts to help the city I love.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Personally, I believe they ought to use the open space to install trailers for the displaced.

Sometimes, compassion has to taught, up close and personal.