Monday, September 26, 2005

Rush Limbaugh - Talk Out of His Butt Again

Usually, as I have pointed out in the past (here and here), Rush Limbaugh pretty much lies about everything. But this one is not even a lie. It is just plain stupid from any angle you look at it. Now, I understand that he has fill a full 3 hours of blither per day, but Rush, buddy, think just a little before you speek. From the September 21st Rush Limbaugh show:

LIMBAUGH: From the Associated Press, Mary Dalrymple doing the honors of writing this story. "House and Senate tax writers agreed yesterday to a package of tax breaks designed to help Hurricane Katrina victims recoup their losses and access needed cash. The Congressional Research Service, an office that provides lawmakers with nonpartisan legislative analysis, said some of those tax breaks could do more for higher income survivors than for the neediest."

Yes. People, they're going to get tax breaks for Katrina. It may help the rich more. The rich may benefit more from taxes and tax cuts that result from Hurricane Katrina. We should rethink this, ladies and gentlemen. Even though the rich were wiped out too, they still may benefit more. I will guarantee you this, ladies and gentlemen: Many of those getting tax cuts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will not have paid any taxes at all. The people who pay taxes today are primarily the upper middle class, the rich, whatever you're going to call them, and the filthy wealthy.

Now, if these poor people are not paying any taxes as it is (which is true, I won't argue about that), how can income tax cuts help them at all? For give me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, 0 - 0 = 0. These tax cuts, of course won't affect the taxes that the poor do pay, such as SSI and sales tax.

So, in the end Rush, yes, this Republican proposal helps the rich and middle class and not the poor. I am not saying that they should't get help. But this does nothing for the poor... Nothing.

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