Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More Rush Limbaugh Lies

While most people know that Rush Limbaugh is bloated and pompous, I don't think most people realize how much the man just flat out lies. For instance, On Rush's August 3rd show, he claimed that the Columbia space shuttle disaster was caused by the EPA.

... EPA rules actually may have caused the shuttle Columbia disaster. It goes like this. They used to use Freon in the ingredients of the foam that they spray on the -- that solid fuel tank. It's that foam that fell off -- that chunks of it fall off, and the second to go shuttle mission created a hole in the wing and led to the disaster on re-entry. They can't use Freon anymore. They had to use something else to cause the foam to bond to the fuel tank, and it was not nearly as good as Freon was. And that's why the chunks started coming loose. And so they came up with some other substance that is a little stickier and causes the stuff to bond better, but it still doesn't work as well as Freon did.

So maybe -- a lot of people are beginning to think that the banning of Freon actually caused the shuttle accident, the Columbia shuttle accident, two flights ago. And I'm inclined to believe it when I hear this.

Of course Rush forgets to tell you that the foam that broke off was attached with Freon. Not only that, but the report says there was constantly foam breaking off that was attached with Freon. 62 instances out of 80 missions to be precise. (NASA Report)

It is amazing how Rush will use any spin or lie possible to attack the EPA.


Anonymous said...
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Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Yup. Welcome to Michael Mooreland.

Like I say- a pox on all their houses.

NYgirl said...

Acctualy, there is a Noble Prize winning physicist who did write a dissenting opinion that he considered NASA's findings biased. While Rush was wrong to state it so strongly, a case can be made for that view.

Dingo said...

NY Girl,

The point is that the piece of insulation that came off and led to the Columbia's disintegration WAS attached by freon. So, biased or not, there is NO argument that EPA rules had anything to do with the accident.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Dingo!


Anonymous said...

Actually Dingo is incorrect since the NASA report about the origin of the insulation did not come out until months after Rush's comments.

At the time Rush was commenting on a theory that was being presented at the time. He stated it was a theory and that he was inclined to believe it.

He couldn't know the true origin of the foam for several months. He would be proven incorrect, but it was in no way a lie at the tie he made the statement.

Anonymous said...

Moreover, making the foam out of freon and attaching non-freon foam with freon as an adhesive are not the same thing. It is quite possible that one works better than the other. That you have not addressed this leads one to wonder about your motives.

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