Friday, August 12, 2005

More on Rush's Lies

This is something have had book marked for a long time, but keep on putting it off. This is from Rush Limbaugh's 09/21/2004 show where he attacks the UN. Now, there is a lot that you can attack the UN on, but instead of using the many legitimate points, Rush decides to just flat out lie about Kofi Annan's September 21st speech to the UN General assembly.

RUSH: Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! I hope you heard the president's speech at the United Nations, and I really hope you heard Kofi Annan's speech before the president's speech so you could contrast the two... He [Kofi Annan] mentioned one nation when he talked about excessive violence in the world. Israel, absolutely right! The anti-Semitic, bigoted United Nations was in full form and flower today. He mentions Israel, of all places. There was not one condemnation of terrorism from Kofi Annan in his speech. He made a reference to it, but there wasn't a condemnation of it.

Now, lets look at Kofi Annan's actual words from his speech and see if he only talks about Israel:

In Iraq, we see civilians massacred in cold blood, while relief workers, journalists and other non-combatants are taken hostage and put to death in the most barbarous fashion.

Hmmm, no I am not a professional linguist, but calling this a most barbarous fashion doesn't scream "keep it up boys" to me. Lets look at more.

In Darfur, we see whole populations displaced, and their homes destroyed, while rape is used as a deliberate strategy.

In northern Uganda, we have seen children mutilated, and forced to take part in acts of unspeakable cruelty.

In Beslan, we have seen children taken hostage and brutally massacred.

And then Kofi finally gets to Israel and Palestinians.

In Israel we see civilians, including children, deliberately targeted by Palestinian suicide bombers. And in Palestine we see homes destroyed, lands seized, and needless civilian casualties caused by Israel's excessive use of force.

And all over the world we see people being prepared for further such acts, through hate propaganda directed at Jews, Muslims, against anyone who can be identified as different from one's own group.

This is Kofi's anti-semitic speech? I guess Rush is technically right. Kofi only said "excessive force" when he mentioned Israel. Ooooo...

And how did he characterize Iraqi insurgents murdering civilians? most barbarous.

The situations in Darfur? whole populations displaced, homes destroyed, rape.

Uganda? children mutilated and acts of unspeakable cruelty.

Beslan? brutally massacred.

Palestinians? suicide bombers.

And, what did Kofi say about all of these acts?

No cause, no grievance, however legitimate in itself, can begin to justify such acts.

Hmm... I pretty much got the message that he was condemning terrorism.

And about only saying Israel used excessive force? What is worse to you - excessive use of force or acts of unspeakable cruelty?

This is, without question, just another hack job by Rush trying to mislead the American people. There is no abject truth to this man.


NYgirl said...

You're right Rush exaggerated.

However, the UN, while they give nice speeches does absoutly nothing & they are corrupt. It needs a major over haul.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

NYgirl is right. The UN has long proved it's ineffectivness.

By the way, are you following the Kofi Annan brother story?

Dingo said...

no I haven't. Got a link?

Yes, the UN is seriously screwed up, as I said, but Rush just flat out lied and does so day after day. I get so sick of people say "but he speaks the abject truth." Bullshit! You can't speak the abject truth when everything is predicated on lies.