Monday, August 15, 2005

Justice Sunday II - The Dumb Asses Strike Back

Yes, yes, Justice Sunday II was held yesterday. It was a chance for all of the wingnuts to get together and claim that God called them last night and told them to tell the rest of us we were all going to hell unless we immediately put James Dobson and Tony Perkins on the supreme court so they can out law abortion, fornication, women working outside of the home, homosexuals from wearing anything but flannel, and a whole host of other nonsense. Seriously, if Jesus knew he was going to spawn these types of people, he may have just stuck to carpentry.

One of the good quotes was from Mike Miller, showing that these nuts have never taken a history class. While talking about judges:

"Activist justices — we're trying to find out what we can do to stop that activity," he said. "Our laws are based on the Ten Commandments."

AAAAAAAAAAA!!!! No, no, no, you dumb ass wingnut. As I have noted before, the laws that make our country what it is come from other sources. Of the Ten Commandments, we only follow three. Three!! Don't kill, don't steal, and don't lie in court (I won't drive in the fact that those were actually lifted from the Code of Hammurabi).

Not only is that sooooooo for from based on, the constitution specifically rejects two others. And, those are rejected in the Bill of Rights, the heart and soul of the American way of life.

James Dobson continued the Dumb Assity of the event

"These activist, unelected judges believe they know better than the American people about the direction the country should go. The framers of our great nation did not intend for the courts to have absolute and final power over us."

No, no, no... the framers knew all two well that the people's direction may not be right. That is why they created the Supreme Court as the arbitrator of the constitution and a check on the "will of the people." The framers knew that there were enough nuts out there like Dobson and Perkins, that they needed an institution to stop people like Dobson and Perkins. If it were up to Dobson and Perkins, African Americans would still be sitting in the back of the bus and attending "separate yet equal" schools.

The nuts at the convention complain of the "oligarchy" of the courts yet wish to impose their narrow views on the rest of us. The majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal and safe, but these people want Bush to only nominate anti-abortion justices. The majority of Americans are tolerant of homosexuals, but these people started to turn against John Roberts because he might actually be tolerant of homosexuals.

And the right says it is the left wants a totalitarian state?
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Boomr said...

I'm with you -- I've said it before, it's Munchausen syndrome. They're acting like they're being persecuted to get more attention. There's no "war on Christianity" in this country. Five out of six Americans are Christian -- and that includes the vast majority of judges.

Oh, by the way, lots of state court judges are elected, despite the epithet "unelected" used by Dobson. And being elected doesn't necessarily mean that the elected judges will choose to rule on judicial matters according to Biblical doctrine. Remember, Clinton got elected with a pretty strong majority....

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Boomrs too nice a person- and he alluded to this in his guest post on SC&A.

They're whack jobs in need of real electricity.

Dingo said...

yes, and you and I, Boomr, can attest to the stellar quality of the elected judges in Louisiana