Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good News

Boomr and his family are safe and are somewhere in the Gulfport area. I did not get through to him, but he left a message on his cell phone saying that he and his family are safe and that they are in a furniture warehouse on Pass road and 15th in Gulfport. They are looking for a ride out of town if anyone is close enough to them. I am assuming their car was destroyed.

Update: Operation Rescue Boomr

I have been getting e-mails from many other bloggers offering their services to help Boomr and his family.

Maxed out Mama has even offered to drive down to Gulfport to pick them up.

Siggy is trying to pull some strings (I have no idea what that means) to be able to get MOM into Gulfport.

Carson offered to let him stay at her place as long as he didn't mind sleeping on her couch. I replied that there has never been a couch that boy didn't like. To re-enforce the point - after I e-mailed all of our college friends to know he and his family were find and that he was looking to hitch a ride out of the furniture warehouse, I got an e-mail back:

Why would he leave? He’s in a building full of couches.

Thanks again to everyone who is trying to help.


MaxedOutMama said...

How many people? And how can we communicate with him.

Dingo said...

you can e-mail me MOM

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Best news possible.

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone needs to open their wallets, but also volunteers will be desperately needed. I am in Michigan and am assembling a team of workers to go down and give rides, take out trash, wash feet or what ever it takes to help our neighbors know that we are out here and hear their call for help.
Please let us know of immediate needs ASAP, our church has great resources, but it will take us a few days to mobilize. We even have a travel bus that is air conditioned that will hold 20--30 folks at a time.

email direct at

god bless the USA

Mamacita said...

Thank God. What would we do without Dingo?

ilona said...

Yes, Thank God!
I had a time reading the bad news today..burst out in real streaming tears. It is really overcoming me right now.
I feel so good at this news I could kiss Dingo, I could kiss Boomr... I could even kiss ol' Sig, but I'm sure it'd be too much...

Ilana said...

Great comment about the couches...who made it?

I am so relieved to hear that Boomr is safe. Looks like I'm still heading down to Atlanta Monday, so I renew my offer to help out any way I can.

Dingo said...

It was Covey... fitting.