Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So Much for the "Liberal" Media Conspiracy

In a little talked about story over the Robert's memos disclosure tiff between the White House and Democratic Senators, was the fact that the "liberal" media caved into White House demands that the media could not talk to Democrats until after midnight, too late to get comments for the next days press. The Bush administration announced to the media that it would continue to refuse to turn over documents produced by John Roberts when he worked in the solicitor generals office.

But the White House clearly does not expect Democrats to agree. The officials disclosed the new policy under ground rules requiring anonymity and an embargo until midnight, too late for Democratic reaction. Democrats have pushed for papers from throughout Roberts's government career, including the solicitor general's office.

This embargo on the media stopped any chance for Democratic leaders to criticize the Bush policy not to turn over the papers. So, the only stories run the next day were Bush's reasons for not turning the documents over.

If there is a "liberal media conspiracy," it is not doing a very good job.

White House to Release Early Roberts Papers


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Good post.

What is depressing is the dance that surrounds the news. The DNC and RNC insist on leading- and neither sem to get the rythem of the counry.

Dingo said...

It is just another version of the Washington two step that has been around for centuries

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Yeah- you know, it just occured to me- I wonder if the RNC and DNC aren't really no more than PAC's.