Friday, August 12, 2005

Noise, Lots of Noise

There is a lot of stuff floating around out there on the blogosphere about Able Danger and the omission thereof by the 9/11 commissions. I hear a lot of people trying to hang this on the Democrats, saying that it was a conspiracy between Jamie Gorelick and Sandy Berger. They are using this to say 9/11 was basically all Clintons fault.

I am not going to comment on why it was omitted. I don't know. But it was a bi-partisan committee, so I can only assume it was not partisan politics.

But to address some issues:

First the "wall." The wall was not created by Jamie Gorelick. The Republican controlled joint House-Senate Committee on pre-9/11 intelligence notes the "wall" is a bunch of layers going back 60 years.

Additionally, the "wall" was reauthorized by Larry Thompson in August 2001. Larry Thompson was number two in the John Ashcroft Justice Department era. So, if the wall was so bad, Bush is equally culpable as Clinton.

Second, Sandy Berger. Berger took some documents from the archives. he was wrong to do this. But, everything he took had already been copied. He was not trying to cover up anything from the Clinton Administration.

This was a bi-partisan screw up, so please stop with the conspiracy theories.


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Well, there was a reason AD is shrouded- a bi partisan conspiracy, perhaps- but this didn't happen in a vaccum.

Dingo said...

I agree that there was some reason. But you can't pin this on either party. There was a bi-partisan effort to exclude this info.