Monday, August 01, 2005

Bush Pushes Bolton on the UN

No surprise that Bush did a recess appointment to appoint Bolton to the UN. Bush had to act quickly as new revelations came to pass about the fact that Bolton lied to Congress when he claimed he had not been questioned in any investigations within the last 5 years. Bolton's nomination has been a disaster since the beginning. First, he couldn't even get the support of the Republican controlled committee that passed his nomination along to the full Senate. Second, the president stonewalled the Congress for months in regards to documents they requested in regards to Bolton's prior alleged abuse of his office. Senators from both side of the isle called on Bush to release the files. Finally, last week, it was reveled the Bolton "accidentally" forgot about being questioned by the CIA and State Department in the inquiry to the pre-war Niger allegations.

Bush is sending damaged goods to the UN, and he can't pin this one on the Democrats. This was a mess of his own making.

Bush Sidesteps Senate, Installs Bolton as U.N. Envoy

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Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

The dems had him (Bolton), in my opinion, dead to rights. They blew it with the end of the world rhetoric.

Had they named a credible alternative, they would have looked very, very good. The first time the dems take the high road- they'll walk away winners- and they need a win, badly.