Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's the Matter with Kansas... City

Many opponents of federal funding for stem cell research make the claim that, while public funds cannot be used to do the research, this does nothing to stop private funds from being used.

Well, Missouri is looking into making that illegal also. A bill proposed in the State legislature would make it a crime to do any type of stem cell research, public or private. The bill would go as far as to rescind state funding from those who do business with entities that carry on stem cell research.

This, of course has the Missouri biotech industry in a tizzy and has the prospect of costing Missouri millions of dollars in last jobs and taxes. The Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City has already suspended recruiting new scientists.

Under the guidance of Republicans, we will soon be back to blood letting and leeches.

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jaed said...

Stem cell research, or stem cell research using embryos? (Really blastocysts, but none of the newsies use the term.) There's a fairly significant difference.

Dingo said...


NYgirl said...

This is wrong. While I do favor not spending federal money on embryonic stem cell research, if a private company wants to do it with their own money, the government should not have the right to interfer.