Monday, August 22, 2005

Ohio Blues

Things are not looking good for the Republicans in Ohio. Last week, the Republican Governor, Bob Taft, pleaded no contest to corruption charges and paid a fine of $4000. The Democrats are considering an attempt to impeach the Governor (unlikely since the Republicans control the House and Senate of Ohio.

Additionally, the big time GOP donor, Tom Noe, who has "lost" upwards of $13 Million dollars of the states workers compensation fund and most likely stole $4 million more, is mad at Bob Taft for trying to distance himself from the scandal. Noe, who has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into GOP campaign coffers, has called on the Governor to retract a comment the Governor made about the scandal. Taft claims he did not know about the investment scheme until he read about it in the paper, but Noe is claiming that is not true. Noe claims that he personally briefed the Governor in 2001.

In any event, Taft is hanging on for dear life and refuses to step down.

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