Thursday, October 13, 2005

And the Bill O'Reilly Award for Dumb Ass Reporting... The Envelope Please

I have Dumb Ass reporting award so many times to Bill O'Reilly, that it should be justly named the Bill O'Reilly Award for Excellence in Dumb Ass Reporting (kind of like the America's cup).

But this week, it doesn't go to good ol' Bill. Sorry Bill, but you have actually been out Dumb Assed this week. But buck up, Champ. I am sure you will regain the title soon. Everyone knows you will always be the biggest Dumb Ass when it comes to the all around competition.

This week it goes to Richard Cohen of the Washington Post for his Op-Ed "Let This Leak Go." In his column, Mr. Cohen asks Patrick Fitzgerald, the lead prosecutor in the Valerie Plame outing, to leave town. He claims that outing CIA agents is no big deal and is just politics as usual.

Never mind that it is actually a crime to out a CIA agent. Never mind that outing CIA agents hurts our national security. Never mind that outing CIA agents could get people killed.

What really gets my goat on this Op-Ed is that Mr. Cohen just thinks the revenge politics involved is Washington politics as usual, and wants the investigation to go away so we can get back to more politics as usual.

Mr. Cohen fails to see that what is wrong here is that this is politics as usual and it should not be. He fails to see that this should not be acceptable behavior by either side of the political isle. He fails to see that this politics as usual is what is really hurting this country.

If anyone is to leave Washington Mr. Cohen, I hope that it is you. The last thing we need is more politics as usual.

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