Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Offical Opposition to Harriet Miers

Not that it really matters at all. It is not like anyone really listens to me, but I am officially throwing my hat into the "anti-Miers" ring. She has now publicly stated that she does not support the right to privacy or the right for people to use contraception.

Yesterday Miers met with Arlen Specter, the pro-choice Republican Senator from Pennsylvania. Afterwards, Specter announced that Miers believed that there was a right to privacy in the constitution and that she agreed with the courts decision in Griswald v. Connecticut that dealt with the right to use contraception. Prior to Griswald, it was illegal for married couple to use contraception. The court ruled that there is a right to privacy that extends to the bedroom, and the state could not prohibit the use of contraception.

Well, if it had ended there, all would have been good. I completely agree with Griswald. There was no contraceptives in our founding fathers times, but reading the rest of the constitution, it is pretty apparent that they would have never let the state be that intrusive in our lives. I don't understand how anyone can actually support a constitutional right of the state to enter our bedrooms.

But, it did not stop there. After Specter announced what he thought she had told him in the meeting, she specifically called back to correct him. She, in fact, has no position on Griswald or the right to privacy. Even John Roberts publicly stated that he agreed with the decision in Griswald and that there is an inherent right to privacy in the constitution.

After Sen. Specter commented on that to the news media, Ms. Miers called him to say that he misunderstood her and that she had not taken a position on Griswold or the privacy issue. Sen. Specter accepts Ms. Miers' statement that he misunderstood what she said.

If she cannot support the right to use contraception. If she cannot support the right to privacy. If she cannot say that she will keep the government from violating our most basic freedoms, she has no reason to be on that bench. We don't even need to go into the issue of abortion if she can't publicly say we have the right determine our use of contraception.

Interpretations Differ After Talks With Miers

Update: I guess this answers the question about abortion, also.

Miers Backed Ban on Most Abortions in '89

Yup, I'm definitely anti-Miers. I immensely dislike abortion, but it is a decision to be made with your family, your doctor, and your priest. Not people like Tom DeLay.

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