Thursday, October 20, 2005

Book'em Jimmie

Tom DeLay has to show up in Texas for booking as ordered by the overseeing judge in the case.

DeLay Ordered to Texas for Booking

In related news, DeLay's attorney admits that he has no evidence of impropriety by Earle in the grand jury proceedings and his subpoena of grand jury records is just a phishing exercise.

DeLay's lawyer lacking evidence of DA misconduct


tommy said...

I expect all of this will wind up being a big bunch of nothing.

For no other reason than Earle has a track record of it. I don't like Delay and I think he's a big part of what is so wrong with politics right now, but Earle is just the other side.

Dingo said...

Could be Tommy. I think the biggest thing is that if what DeLay did WASN'T illegal, we need to make it illegal. along will all the other schemes that politicians from both sides of the isle pull.

tommy said...

Well what he did is illegal now, it just wasn't when he did it. Delay's actions took place in 2002, the law was passed in 2003 and that was the basis for the first indictment against him. When Delay's lawyer brought that point up is when the multiple grand juries in one weekend thing happened. It makes it look at least like Earle was just going to make a point of indicting Delay and since he said exactly that at a Democratic party function in Austin some time back I'm prone to believe that is exactly what he is doing.

In Earle's defense, I think he is honestly trying to do the right thing, the problem is he puts that above what is legal and he'll go out of his way to indict someone for something he thinks is wrong, even if it isn't against the law.