Monday, October 17, 2005

Very Interesting Revelation on DeLay's Indictment

Looks like Tommy boy will say anything, and I mean anything, even if he contradicts himself. All along, DeLay has been claiming that Earle indicted DeLay for the sole purpose of making DeLay step down as the Republican leader in the house.

Turns out DeLay's charges, are again, baseless.

Earle offered DeLay a plea bargain before the indictment was handed down. Earle offered to let DeLay plead guilty to a misdemeanor so DeLay would not have to step down as the GOP leader. But, DeLay refused, therefore Earle had to go forward with the felony indictments that forced DeLay from his seat.

So much for the contention that Earle only brought the indictment to force him to step down. Is it just me, or do politicians talk to much for heir own good sometimes?

Plea deals are a very common occurrence in criminal prosecutions. It is actually rare that cases go to trial. The scary thing about DeLay is, even if he is guilty as hell, he probably honestly believes he has done nothing wrong. That is just the type of guy he is.

DeLay Offered Deal Before Indictment


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

What do you make of Dick Deguirin's charge that Earle was posturing?

Dingo said...

the fact that DeLay brought it to light and not Earle makes me say no.

Honestly, I think Deguirin is pulling his hair out right now. An attorneys worst nightmare is a client that he can't control, and DeLay is fitting the bill right now. DeLay might see this as good politics, but it is bad criminal defense tactics. That is why you never see this amount of publicity hype normally from the accused (e.g. Frist). Judges loathe to see the kind of crap that is going on in he media right now because it is so detrimental to the judicial process. If the judge is not VERY friendly towards DeLay, this could bit him in the ass big time. I am assuming that this has been docketed to a specific judge already, so the fact that there has been no gag order says to me that the judge is not very good, or he is friendly towards DeLay.

Deguirin is a respected lawyer and he is definitely hurting his reputation right now in the legal community. I two partners in the gym were talking about this case this afternoon (Yes, we have our own gym). Both are conservative (judge by they only ever watch FOX) and think Deguirin could get disbarred if he is hands on in this media blitz. If Deguirin has anything to do with this media strategy, the only reason I could think he would be doing it is to be able to later claim that the jury pool is tainted and ask for a change of venue to a more conservative county