Friday, October 28, 2005

Wingnut Reaction to the Libby Indictment

I decided to pay a visit to some of the wingnut sites to see how the loonies were reacting to the Libby indictment. I hit the usual suspects - Wizbang and Free Republics to get a feel:

Why isn’t the grand jury at all interested in the whole nefarious scheme of the Dems to use a mole to plant false information and bolster the anti-war agenda, repeatedly lying on the facts of the case....


Is Fitzy going to “expand” into areas that will be even more embarissing to the Liberals behind this whole partisan scheme....

This is embarrasing to Dems how?

I'm watching the press conference with Fitzgerald. The spectacle of the MSM reporters screaming, wild-eyed, "Well, when will Rove be indicted???" while drooling on their suits and ejaculating in their pants is some sight...

Guess I was listening to another press conference. I think there was 2 questions about Rove and one of them was a softball. There were certainly no sounds of orgasims...

I never imagined we'd see true political persecution in the US. Maybe I was just naive.

Yeah, there were no partisan motives behind Starr...

This crap is going to be dragged out for two more years. The only way I can see for it to get cut short is that the WH order an investigation of Wilson, Plame and the CIA and their connection.

Wouldn't that be a political prosecution? Didn't you guys just rail against political prosecutions?

Free Scooter!! (then fire Fitzgerald)

Fitzzzzzz knows he goofed and his speech on TV proves it. He is a nut case. What he is trying is to test the water with Libbey. If the sh@@ sticks to the wall he will go on. If not, this egotistical nut will probably drop the rest. Remember, he has wasted over 40 million of nothing but a hack job.

A nut case? Really? How did his speech prove it? As for the $40 million - no, that was actually Ken Starr who spent $40 million over 2 years. Fitzgerald spent $2 million. I guess a blow job is 2000% more expensive to investigate.

no indictment for an actual crime. talk radio will be all over this.

Hmmm... last time I checked, perjury and obstruction of justice were actual crimes.

Fitzgerald's office was very suspect in the leaks and dragging this out for maximum effect.

No, suspect would have been if he brought charges in November of 2004.

And now President Bush can finally shut down the liberal government jobs program known as the CIA. Hope it was worth it, comrades!

Seriously, I don't even know how to respond to this.

Fitz: the equivalent of busting someone for forgetting their mother's birthday.

Really, I didn't recall seeing that in the articles of impeachment against Clinton.

What a load of crap!! I hope Libby takes Fitzgerald down with this. A manufactured crime.

Well, to be honest, he is correct. All crime is manufactured. We have to pass laws that make something illegal. Without a law against it, speeding, fraud, kidnapp, murder, etc. are not crimes. But, since it has been against the law to lie under oath since the inceptino of this country, I am feeling pretty comfortable with this manufactured crime.

The VP's chief of staff lied to a grand jury?... This is a non-story.

Irony is not only a river in Egypt.

But then someone with some intelligence stepped in. I thought that this might be heading somewhere good.

You cannot lie in court. Period. I really do not see why that is such a difficult concept. There is no justice for anyone if you can lie just as long as the case turns out a certain way. Our legal oaths must mean something or we have no working judicial system at all (which may be true anyway, but still).

But, than someone quickly steped in to bring the discussion back to the lowest levels possible.

An African American woman was the foreman
Black people aren't capable of serving on a grand jury without bias


Cadillac Pants said...

Has anyone sat down and really put all this together. It seems every day there is something new. There has to be a pattern.

Dingo said...

I think part of the problem is that Fitzgerald was very good in keeping secret grand jury hearings secret. It will all get flushed out soon.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it strange that libby broke his foot "running up the stairs." I mean... it's kinda like Bush II's mysterious "choking on a pretzel." Maybe... Cheney should be indicted for abuse.

I think Cheney should attend some anger management sessions.

Peter Bale, Editorial Director said...

This piece in The Times of London today is a fascinating twist on the press freedom implications of Fitzgerald's action in forcing the journalists to reveal their sources. The commentator is a former editor of The Times and a long-time observer of US constitutional isssues. Go to and it is the top item "Crushing freedom's voice".