Friday, October 07, 2005

The End of Week "Culture of Corruption" Round-up

The last couple of weeks has been pretty bad for the party that pledge to return honesty and integrity to the US government.

New about Tom DeLay's meeting with a co-indicted PAC leader the day that the questioned funds were laundered through the Republican National Committee raises more questions for the Hammer to answer.

DeLay Meeting, RNC Actions Coincided

Also posted are some of the e-mails and memos regarding the case. They may not seem like much, but trust me, they are much more damaging than meets the eye.

In a story that didn't get much play last week about a government lawyer who was demoted and reassigned when he started investigating Tom DeLay's buddy, Jack Abramoff. Investigators are looking in to the report.

The Justice Department's inspector general and the F.B.I. are looking into the demotion of a veteran federal prosecutor whose reassignment nearly three years ago shut down a criminal investigation of the Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, current and former department officials report. They said investigators had questioned whether the demotion proper...

And, finally, Karl Rove is expected to testify again in front of the federal grand jury soon to explain why his testimony given to the FBI differs so much from the testimony given to the grand jury earlier. Fitzgerald is no longer giving any guarantees that Rove is not a target of the investigation. Additionally, Fitzgerald plans on calling Judy Miller to testify again about Scooter Libby's involvement in outing Valerie Plame.

Legal Experts: Rove's New Testimony Risky

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Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Hell, if they go for Rove (regardless of what you think of him) look for them to go after Wilson himself. That dog just won't hunt (man, I've been in the south way too long)

Apparently, he paraded her around foer years like a trophy prize bull at the county fair.

Dingo said...

Oh, sure... now you accuse the man of beastiality... with a male bovine no less. Will your Republican partisain attacks never end?!?!

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Funny, pizza boy ( I know you ate on the EAST side, you barbarian).

As I alluded earlier, there are no white hats here.

Pelosi was convicted, Schumer's staff didn't play nice and are under investigation, Barbera Boxer funnels money to her son, Dick Durbin grabs freebie travel, Harry Reid has his own PAC scandal (when busted, he said he'd give the money back), etc, etc, etc,

They are all a bunch of lying, theiving bastards- all of them, irrespective of party.

The corrupt system serves both dems and republicans alike.

Dingo said...

I know Siggy,

I was just kidding. I can't remaine too serious on a Friday.