Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tom DeLay - Jury Pool Tampering

There is something to be said about humility and prudence. Lack of them can often get you into greater trouble than you were originally in. Tom DeLay has neither and may find himself in a heap load more of trouble with his new swift boat attack ads on Ronnie Earle, the Texas prosecutor who has charged DeLay with several criminal counts.

Republicans have bought air time in Austin and on Fox News Network to run swift boat ads, attacking Earle. Say what you may about the motivations of Ronnie Earle. After all, it was the grand jury who indicted DeLay, not Earle. But DeLay is showing utter contempt for the judicial system. Running ads, attacking the prosecutor could and should be considered jury pool tampering which is a very serious offense.

We already know that DeLay has no respect for judges... or for that matter, the law. But to actively attempt to tamper the jury pool is beyond contempt for the constitution. Giving media interviews is one thing. But to run ads. It just shows you that he considers himself above the laws the rest of us have to live by.

At least Frist has some class.

Conservatives launch TV assault on Earle

Update: Now I know that Republicans are just plain nuts

Free Enterprise Fund spokesman Todd Schorle said the ad campaign may be expanded to other markets around the country.

"We feel that Ronnie Earle wants to obstruct the free-market agenda and he's using liberals to bring the free-market agenda to a halt in Congress," he said.

Oh, god. That statement was so painfull, I think it gave me an anyurism... Seriously, this is a communist coup? No wonder a plurality of Americans want the next congress to be controlled by Democrats. Republicans have completely lost it.

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