Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Indict Patrick Fitzgerald!

That is right! You heard me! Indict the bastard for etxreme anit-American behavior! Enough of this "responsible and dignified" investigation. Does the man not know he is being anti-American by not letting us already know who will be indicted, what they will be convicted of and whose "girlfriend" they will be once they report to Leavenworth prison? What happened to the good ol' days of Ken Starr who would leak information about when he was going to be leaking more information.

Doesn't he understand that we are an immediate gratification nation. We are not a patient people, and anyone who expects us to be is anti-American. Impatients as an American virtue now ranks up there with Baseball, apple pie, and coddling bratty children. We are a nation that has more 24 hours news channels than most nations have color TVs. We are a nation that has had to replace fluoride in the drinking water with Ritalin in order to keep our productivity above that of The Republic of Congo. There is a reason we don't have miniseries any more. We need it all wrapped in 52 minutes or less. The networks haven't added more ad time to raise more revenue. It is because we can't make it for a full 60 minutes of a TV show.

I am a gen-Xer, damn it! I grew up with Mtv and televised warfare. The hardest part of my day is actually getting through a whole 30 second commercial without being distracted by a bright shiny truck. I have the attention span of a black lab in a new dog park... "Ooo, what's that?... Never mind, what's that?... hey, cool a bush!... I wonder what that bench smells like over there."

I am at a point that if there are no indictments, I don't care. I just want to know. If Fitzgerald asks for an extension, I am going to need someone to write me a prescription for Thorizine.

Update: While we are at it, indict this bastard, too.


tommy said...

Was I the only one that found it funny there was a leak today telling us there wouldn't be any leaks today?

Dingo said...

Irony is not only a river in egypt

Burt Safer said...

I'm saying! Quit being so damn unimpeachable, Patrick

Anonymous said...

He is impeachable - he's a snobby brute out for himself with no sensitivity and no manners -- I base this on personal knowledge - I hope he gets what's coming to him -