Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Fall Guy

It looks like we know who the sacrificial lamb is going to be in the CIA leak investigation. Rove, during his last appearance before the grand jury told them he thinks it could be Libby that informed him of Plames identity.

At this point, with all fingers point to Rove and Libby after a second White House aide flips and cooperates with the special prosecutor, who better to go, Rove or Libby? We have seen what happens to the Bush White House without Rove around. They counldn't hit the broad side side of a barn with a shot gun.

Second Cheney aide cooperating in leak probe, those close to case say

Since Bush would probably issue blanket pardons anyway, Libby would be an obvious choice to take the fall for Cheney and Rove since he has long since stated he would rather be living in Greece, writing novels.

Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case

There is still the lingering question of when did Rove actually tell the president. Initially, it was said he kept it from the president. The latest reports have the president knowing for at least two years. Bush testified that Rove assured him that he was not involved. Did Bush lie under oath?

Personally, I think they should all just claim it was DeLay since he is such an embarassment to the GOP anyway. Kill two birds with one stone. Keep Rove and Libby, drop the real baggage.


Anonymous said...

This is all a witch hunt. Fitzgerald is a partisan hack. You liberals are trying to destroy America!

Dingo said...

Kisses to you too, Anon. Its good to see there is someone out there too keep us insane liberals at bay.