Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Litmus Test

It used to be that a litmus test on abortion was the domain of the Democrats when it came to judicial nominees. The last two Supreme court nominations have shown that the right is as pushy, if not more, than the Democrats are about this now. Many social conservatives, including several prominent Republican Senators now consider the abortion issue and being pro-life the preeminent qualification on whether a nominee should be qualified.

At least now, when I hear conservatives scream at liberals for the abortion issue "litmus test," I can tell them to shut it.

GOP Senator Concerned About Miers' Abortion Views

Oct. 5, 2005 — A powerful conservative on the Senate Judiciary Committee says if Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers considers Roe v. Wade "settled law" there is a "good chance" that he will vote against her.

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan, told "Good Morning America" today he believes the landmark case that legalized abortion, needs to be reconsidered "because of the effects that Roe v. Wade has had on this society and the unborn."

Brownback acknowledged that Miers cannot explicitly say how she would rule on abortion because that would be considered "pre-judging" an issue that is likely to come before her, should she be concerned.

Brownback said there is "precious little to go on" to determine where Miers stands on many divisive issues. He is set to meet with her on Thursday.

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No... terrifying is you when the Red Sox or Pats don't win... now that is terrifying.

Burt Safer said...

I wrote an article about this one..

Some Conservatives Now Admit That Litmus Paper Exists

Dingo said...

that is a good one Burt. But I think that they only agree in that litmus paper was created by God 4000 years ago and in exactly the same form it is now. Litmus paper did not evolve from tissue or wrapping paper as some "wackos" may have contended.