Thursday, October 13, 2005

Swift Boat Veterans for a New Supreme Court Nomination.

This nomination has turned into a complete absurdity. If the Supreme Court seat wasn't such an important position, I would be rolling on the ground laughing while simultaneously banging my head against the wall (it can be done... trust me).

The religious right is up in arms over their own presidents pick because she hasn't guaranteed them she would overturn Roe v Wade and burn homosexuals at the steak. The intellectual right is up in arms because she writes memos like a Nancy Drew novel and looks at Bushie like he is a member of NSYNC. Bush, caught in the head lights as usual, can't seem to get his act together while Karl Rove is distracted by staring down the barrel of obstruction of justice charges. Bush, not more than 2 months after saying religion is hands off when Roberts was nominated, can't stop talking about how much Harriet Miers loves Jesus. Ironically, he is touting the fact he wants to place a person on the highest bench in the land with her only credentials being that she is a born again Christian whilst fighting theocracy oversees.

I am taking odds on how long it is before someone on the right starts swift boating poor old Harriet. I can see the TV ads now:

(Fade in from black)

Miers used to be a Catholic. (Shows picture of Pope Benedict)

Then she worshipped at Episcopalian and Presbyterian churches. (Shows picture of gay Episcopal bishop wearing a feather boa)

Now, she is a born again evangelical Christian at Valley View Church. (Shows picture of Alan Keyes)

Mr. President, Harriet Miers is a flip-flopper (shows picture of John Kerry)

How long before her fickle mind grows bored with her newest faith? How long before she converts to Islam, Mr. President? Are you going to trust the fate of this nation for a woman who will exchange her black robes for a blue burke and gives Osama Bin Laden oral sex in front of the Washington Monument?

You know what else Muslims do, Mr Presdient? They eat babies on Easter, our most holy day. They also raise aliens who will eat our children as they recite the pledge of allegiance in our schools.

How many times does she have to change her religion, Mr. President, before you know she just can't be trusted?

Withdraw this nomination of this burke-wearing, baby eating, alien raising, Bin Laden blowing, Muslim woman before she destroys America. (Shows picture of Bin Laden with a big ol' grin)

Enough is enough Mr. President. (Fade to black)


I'm tom DeLay and I approved this message.


Bob said...

Holy shit, Muslims eat babies on Easter?!? I didn't read that on the 7 myths of Islam.

Dingo said...

LOL, Bob. Actually, there are 49 myths of Islam. Siggy just went with the square root.