Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Harriet Miers - The Debacle

I was willing to give Harriet Miers the benefit of the doubt until I saw her perform in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. But this nomination is turning into a complete and utter joke. You have both the right and left attacking her because of perceptions that cannot be dispelled. You have Karl Rove "leaking" her judicial philosophy to wingnut evangelicals. You have the president defending her on the sole basis that she is a "good Christian." Reading correspondence between Bush and Miers back in the '90s, she sounds like a star stuck teenager writing to her favorite teen idol. I feel sad for poor ol' Harriet. It can't be fun to be characterized like this, but the Bush administration was too arogant to think that this would not fly through confirmation. At this point, the only thing indignant about this nomination seems to be the nomination itself.

"I'm disappointed, depressed and demoralized." --William Kristol

"Harriet Miers isn't qualified to play a Supreme Court justice on "The West Wing," let alone to be a real one." --Ann Coulter

"The Miers pick was another administration misstep... Momentum was lost. The quarterback looked foolish." --Peggy Noonan

"Miers needs to be stopped! The Republican Party should be the party of the moral high card. It can't be with such blatant cronyism. SABOTAGE MIERS! SABOTAGE MIERS! SABOTAGE MIERS!" --Angry Conservative

"I think...[Bush] has probably risked his legacy. But more important, he has risked what some of us have fought for 40 years since I was with Richard Nixon." --Pat Buchanan

"If Harriet Miers were not a crony of the president of the United States, her nomination to the Supreme Court would be a joke..." --Charles Krauthammer)

"President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court has performed the difficult task of dividing his most respectful supporters, among whom I count myself." --Scott at Powerline

"If this is President Bush's bright idea to buck up his sagging popularity--among conservatives as well as the nation at large--one wonders whom he would have picked in rosier times. Shudder." --Michelle Malkin

"I am done with President Bush: Harriet Miers? Are you freakin' kidding me?!" --Steve Dillard

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