Friday, October 08, 2004

Ann Coulter Molests Children?

While at the book store the other day (yes, I read... does that make me an elitist?) I was in the political section. I did my best to even avoid eye contact with it, but I broke down and read a little bit of Ann Coulter's "Treason." How she hasn't been committed to an institution yet is beyond me... but I digress. I looked at her end notes (note to Ann - foot notes are at the bottom of the page - End notes are at the end of the book - You know what I am talking about, Ann) and was fascinated about how she does her research and comes to conclusions. She seems to love doing google searches and stopping there. Using her techniques, I will show you that fox news lies and Ann Coulter molests children and Rush is anti-Semitic.

I ran the words "Fox News Lies" in google. It returned 1,280,000 hits. "CNN lies" returned 948,000 hits. ABC, CBS and NBC returned 696,000, 702,000, and 421,000 hits respectively. By using Ann's reasoning, Fox News is the least honest news organization. While we know this to be true, I don't think we can prove it by doing a google search the way Ann tries to. When I ran "Ann Coulter molests children," it returned 144 hits. Therefore, Ann must molest little children, right? (shame on you Ann) Now, there is a distinct possibility Ann Coulter eats babies, but I doubt she touches them in Michael Jackson ways. The words "Rush Limbaugh hates Jews" returns 25,000 hits. While people may have their own opinions about Rush's views of Jews, I don't think this is conclusive evidence. And, in the inverse, Ann, if you run a google search and nothing comes up, it is not evidence that it is not true. For example, just because I run the words "George Walker Bush is a narcissistic arrogant pompous ass with a 3rd nipple" doesn't mean he is not one even though it returns no hits (I actually had to add the 3rd nipple part because I did get 271 hits otherwise... go figure). Get a life Ann... or at least a better research team.

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