Friday, October 22, 2004

More GOP Voting Fraud in Ohio

Ohio residents are reporting getting fake phone calls telling them that their polling place has changed locations. A victims of the scam claims a caller interrupted the couple’s dinner earlier this week. The caller said he was from the Franklin County Board of Elections. He told the elderly woman that her voting site had changed and that on Nov. 2 she and her husband should cast their ballots at a South Side precinct. The caller even left the phone number of the board. At no time, Elections Director Matthew Damschroder said, does the board call voters.

In a second scam, The caller tells voters their precincts have changed or the caller offers to pick up an absentee-ballot application, deliver the ballot to the voter and return the completed ballot to the elections office. (Link)

This is just another way for Republican Operatives can achive what they could not push through in other ways. (Link) & (Link)

In addition to Ohio, Students in Pennsylvania and Oregon have had their "voting registrations switched by teams of canvassers circulating bogus petitions and, in some cases, partially concealed voter registration forms students were requested to sign. After signing their names, the students were pressured into registering with the Republican Party by being told that their signatures otherwise would be invalid, or they were asked to fill out the signature and address portions of blank voter registration forms as proof of citizenship. In multiple instances, students already registered to vote have had their registrations changed without their consent, elections officials said yesterday." (Link). Sproul & Associates , the Republican backed voter registration firm that has been throwing out Democrats' registration cards, is also connected to the PA scam.

Normally, I try to make a humorous comment at the end of my blurbs, but these people just make me so sick.

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