Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Voter Fraud Details

While both parties are accusing each other this year of voter fraud, the majority seems to be from the Republican side. To name a few...

In New Mexico, Felipe Roibal was the victim of a forged voter registration card. "A copy of the form provided to Roibal by the Rio Arriba County clerk's office in EspaƱola appeared to shed some light on what transpired. Apparently, someone was trying to change where he was registered and his political party: From Santa Fe County to Rio Arriba County and from the Democratic Party to Republican, using an address he alleged came from the phone book."

In Pennsylvania, Sproul & Associates, claimed to be a "nonpartisan" voter registration drive in Western Pennsylvania has triggered accusations that workers were cheated out of wages and given instructions to avoid adding anyone to the voter rolls who might support the Democratic presidential nominee. Michele Tharp, of Meadville, who said she was sent out to canvass door-to-door and outside businesses in Meadville, Crawford County. "We were only to register Republicans." Sproul & Associates is also being accused of tearing up voter registration cards in Nevada and in Oregon.

In Florida, Alachua County's elections supervisor gave more than 500 voter registration forms to local prosecutors because some people said their party affiliation was fraudulently changed to Republican by a student working for the GOP.

Also in Florida , authorities in at least three Florida counties are investigating more than 4,000 suspicious voter-registration forms submitted on behalf of college students, some of whom say they already had registered elsewhere or that their party affiliation was changed to Republican without permission.

Thousands of Americans may be denied their right to vote this year due to this repugnant behavior. Republican or Democrat, there is no candidate so worthy of winning that any American should be denied this most important and cherished right.

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