Monday, October 04, 2004

Fox News Gets Busted for Lying

Fox news was finally fully outed today as being an attack dog for the GOP. In two different instances, Fox political reporters admitted to running false stories about John Kerry to make him look bad. The first, by the Fox chief campaign correspondent Carl Cameron, was a fake story quoting Kerry as calling himself "metrosexual" and that women should love him because he "get manicures." The second was by another Fox political reporter, Jane Roh. She reported on the group "Communists for Kerry" without ever mentioning that it was a group actually supporting George Bush, not John Kerry. The same news organization that was veraciously calling for Dan Rather to be fired for not fact checking enough has no plans to remove their chief political correspondent for BLATANTLY LYING!!! Of course, from the so called "liberal media" only one story in the New York Times.... Nothing in the Washington Post, nothing on CNN, nothing off of the AP, etc. The media was on Ran Rather like white on rice, but they always seem to give Fox a free pass.

Why is it that from the party that talks so much about personal responsibility, no one actually practices it. Cameron should be resigning on his own, Roh should be asking to be demoted to only covering dog and boat shows... er, I mean gun shows (it is Fox), and Rush Limbaugh should march down to the courthouse and demand that he serve the full penalty for his illicit drug use. I guess, since they have no morals, no class, no honesty, if it weren't for hypocrisy, they would have nothing at all.

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