Friday, October 08, 2004

Voter Fraud Strikes Again in Florida

Brendan Farrington of the Orlando Sentinel reported October 6th that there is continued voter fraud in Florida by Republicans. The state is now investigating 1500 voter registration forms that either appear to be forged or tampered with to register college students as Republicans. According to the article, "County elections supervisor Ion Sancho said it was suspicious enough that the registration forms were all photocopies, but the new voters also were between the ages of 18-24, a group that often registers with no party affiliation. 'When we saw that all of these individuals were registered as Republicans, a buzzer went off,' Sancho said." Apparently "the overwhelming majority of them had not selected the Republican Party as the party they wanted to be registered in." Additionally, there are "reports of bogus addresses, forms coming in with false information and registered voters who are being re-registered without their knowledge." This is not only concerning because of the obvious election fraud taking place, but because students who showed up at the polls on November 2nd would have been turned away due to the conflicting interest. Since the overwhelming majority of the students did not want to register as Republican, this could have negated hundreds of votes for Kerry. As we saw in the last election, every single votes counts. This, along with every other fraudulent effort seen this election is horrible. Every eligible voter who is turned away inappropriately, Democrat or Republican, is a shame on our democracy. Whoever did this is not only un-American, they are also denigrating the efforts of every man and woman who has fought for our right to vote as Americans. I hope whoever it was, gets caught, gets convicted of a felony, and loses their own right to vote since they have tried to steal the right from others.

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